You Can’t Fight Something With Nothing.

In this fifth episode, Ian Henderson and Cat Etherington discuss contributions from authors Glynn Harrison and Andrew Bauman.

They focus on shifting from just fighting against something negative like porn to finding flourishing in something positive and life-giving. They discuss Andrew’s Bauman’s description of a sexually healthy man, including being rooted in community, owning our mistakes without letting them own us through shame, and using our power for good by advocating for others.

“I’m talking about a community of sojourners and sufferers who can weep together, share their stories together, and truly stumble forward into what sexual health is, what healing is. And that cannot be done in isolation by yourself, has to be done with other authentic folks. Sexual health is about bringing strength. Sexual health is strength, not insecurity. I see this as one of the biggest problems of our day, insecure men, that bleeds out into narcissism, bleeds out into abuse. And insecurity drives so much of our behaviour. What does it mean to step into our strength? And that doesn’t mean being addicted, right? Being in a strength, centered place of, I know who I am, I know what I have to bring. I know what I can bring to my partner.”

Andrew Bauman

Ian and Cat also explore Glynn Harrison’s thoughts on examining one’s desires and motivations, through the lens of our faith, the ways culture has reduced the concept of intimacy, and that the church needs a revolution in its thinking.

“So all of this will need a revolution in the church, which has too often focused on what our salvation is but forgotten to paint a vivid picture of what our salvation is for – in this life as well as the next. And I guess in that respect, we owe the sexual revolution our gratitude because it has shaken us from our complacency”

Glynn Harrison

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