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NT pioneers are individuals pursuing change for themselves & those around them. Resourced with exclusive content and guidance, NT pioneers draw others into courageous conversations that have the power to change culture. 

Our manifesto is a summary of the heart of Naked Truth Project. Inspired by the stories of our team and wider community, it’s a piece that captures our belief that there’s a better story than the one porn tells waiting to be told in our culture.

If our Manifesto resonates with you, we want you to help us tell the better story.

How? Gather with others for courageous conversations.

That’s it! It’s a simple idea, but one that will create ripples of change across communities.
We’ll send you content, including the Manifesto above, and you’ll gather people to talk about it.

Our hope is that these conversations will inspire many to thoughtfully engage with the issue of porn and join us in pursuit of a better story- one where individuals, families, communities and societies are free to flourish in the absence of addiction, objectification, and exploitation.

Become a Pioneer

  • Conversation guides
  • Annual online gatherings
  • Early access to new content
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