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We’re in pursuit of another story.

Human flourishing is the driving force behind all that we do. Awareness, education, recovery- it’s all rooted in a desire to see people thriving. While we value statistics and research, we’re convinced that conversation and community are the keys to rewriting the story of porn’s harm into a story of hope and transformation. 

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Countless studies and the stories that make up our community have left us with no doubt that the damages of porn are far-reaching. A diverse range of harms needs a diverse approach as we seek healing, freedom and a better story than the one porn tells for ourselves, our communities and our world. That means there are loads of ways to get involved- whoever you are, whatever you care about.

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Join our associate team

Education & recovery

Our Associates are individuals with the passion & capacity to join our wider team.This looks different for everyone, but you can expect opportunities & training to deliver our sessions in schools, help facilitate our recovery & support groups, deliver parent sessions in your local community and more. (plus all the benefits of being a pioneer)

Become a pioneer

Community & conversation

Our pioneers are individuals pursuing change for themselves & those around them. Resourced with exclusive content and guidance, NT pioneers draw others into courageous conversations that have the power to change culture.

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Share your story

If you have a story of harm or hope to share, we’d love to hear from you. Every story is an important ripple in the wave of change we want to see.


Your financial support makes it possible for us to bring help and hope to those who need it.

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