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Are you tired of feeling trapped, alone and full of shame?

Are you looking for people who don’t just ‘get it’ but can help you ‘get free’?

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Click to Kick is free, confidential and accessible from your phone or computer.

Kick your porn habit and click below to journey towards lasting freedom & wholeness.

Porn use is so normalised in society now, yet we’re rarely warned that spending hours engaged in digital sexual activity can negatively impact our real-life sexual experiences, our well-being and our relationships. For many, porn use can become addictive and life-controlling.

If that describes you, you’re in the right place.

The first steps to quitting a porn habit

Click to Kick is designed to help you discover freedom online.

“In C2K, I found an inclusive, friendly community and a relaxed environment where I could express myself and not feel ashamed. They saw me for who I am, not as someone defined by addiction, and I can wholeheartedly recommend that you join the programme.”

“The course changed my life!”

In the shame-free, confidential setting of our online Click to Kick community, you’ll be led through our expertly developed course by a trained facilitator. As you journey through recovery in a small, safe support group, you’ll find the practical tools and support that you need to discover a life of integrity and wholeness, free from porn.

“I can now say with confidence that I understand the exact path that I must take to recover from porn addiction in order to find lasting freedom. The transformation that has occurred over the past 3 months has been more significant than in the past 4 and a half years. I now have hope, and I’m actually enjoying life! Freedom is finally in reach.”

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What is the structure of the programme?

After you have completed the Click to Kick course, ongoing support and accountability will be available through Naked Truth’s Whole Life Recovery Programme.

Using encrypted conferencing software (Zoom), a Click to Kick group will log on weekly for 8 facilitated meetings. Each session will last about one hour. As part of a group, you will work with up to 6 others going through our tried and tested recovery programme based on both psycho-education and shared experience. We have found that group work is more effective in helping people overcome their porn habit as it helps to reduce shame and gives you a number of accountability partners who are committed to working with you, not just during the formal group sessions, but throughout your journey of recovery.

Content includes:

Understanding your compulsive behaviour/addiction

Developing positive sexuality

Recognising and personalising the cycle of addiction

Relapse prevention and developing a healthy lifestyle

We blend the latest scientific research, psychotherapy tools and practice alongside Christian devotions and prayer to maximise the potential in you to live in freedom. To enable the sessions to be as accessible as possible, the Christian content mostly involves optional reflections & spiritual exercises to be completed outside the 50 minute group session. You can speak to the facilitator if you are uncomfortable doing these.

What is the application process?

Initially, you will be asked to complete a short and confidential form, this will be reviewed by our Click to Kick coordinator who will contact you directly with some more information and details of the next groups. In some cases, after we have evaluated your answers, we may have further questions. If so, you will be contacted to arrange a confidential call with one of our professionals. They will assess if Click to Kick is the most suitable option for you and, if not, we advise you on further options.

Who is Click to Kick for?

We run male and female groups. If you think your porn use is a problem and you’re struggling to stop on your own, then our groups aim to kick-start that change by giving you practical tools and support. That kick-start may be all you need, but if you feel you would benefit from more intensive or ongoing support, we can signpost you to other resources and helping professions. Click to Kick groups are not an alternative to professional therapy or attendance at a 12 step programme and they may not be suitable for people who have a history of addictive behaviours or who struggle with other mental health or psychological issues. Our initial confidential assessment process will help us to ensure that you receive the best help for your individual situation and circumstances.

Who wrote the materials?

Paula Hall is a psychotherapist who specialises in sex and porn addiction and is the author of ‘Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction’. The Click to Kick materials are based on the Kick Start Recovery Programme written by Paula. Paula has also written Confronting Porn published by Naked Truth Resources. Since 2014 Paula has partnered with us to provide professional resources alongside her clinical expertise.

Who leads the groups?

Groups are led by our trained facilitators, many of whom are former porn addicts, some have even journeyed through our programmes.

What is the cost?

There is no fixed cost although we do suggest a voluntary “pay what you can” donation towards the work of the charity. Information on how to donate will be provided by your facilitator upon enrollment. During application and enrollment, you may be given the option to join a “pro group” which is facilitated by a professional certified coach or counsellor. If you choose to join a “pro group” there will be a fixed cost of £100.

Does Click to Kick have an age restriction?

The groups are currently for 18+. If you are under 18 we would recommend the Ctrl-Alt-Del course as an alternative. Also, we would recommend the Fortify course by Fight the New Drug.

How confidential is it?

All information gathered is held in the strictest confidence and your personal details are password protected and only accessible to the coordinator and the recovery team. If you join a group, the only people who will know your identity will be the other members of your online group, including your facilitator. Each group member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the anonymity of the other members and ensure that the group is a safe space for all.

Is this just for Christians?

Naked Truth is a project with a Christian ethos (read more here), however, the core materials are appropriate for anyone, with or without a faith. We run groups that are accessible to anyone whatever their spiritual perspective, and other groups that are more clearly Christian with prayer and biblical input. Simply let us know which group you are more comfortable with.

What days and times are then groups running?

Currently, the days and times vary. We often have several groups running during the week on different days and we make every effort to offer various options to meet your needs. Once you’ve been accepted to the programme you will be told when any new groups are starting and you can choose to sign up for the group that is most convenient for your schedule.

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