Is the influence of porn in your life looking a little different from its happy-go-lucky public image?

Discover Freedom

Kick your porn habit and journey towards lasting freedom & wholeness.

Porn is so normalised in society now, we’re rarely warned that spending hours engaged in digital sexual activity can negatively impact our real-life sexual experiences, our wellbeing and our relationships. For many, porn use can become addictive and life-controlling.

If that describes you, you’re in the right place.

Click to Kick is designed to help you discover freedom online

  • 8 weeks of practioner-led support group access
  • Expert, tried & tested methods
  • Safe community
  • Affordable, accessible & confidential

“In C2K, I found an inclusive, friendly community and a relaxed environment where I could express myself and not feel ashamed. They saw me for who I am, not as someone defined by addiction, and I can wholeheartedly recommend that you join the programme.”

In the shame-free, confidential setting of our online Click to Kick community, you’ll be led through our expertly developed course by a trained facilitator. As you journey through recovery in a small, safe support group, you’ll find the practical tools and support that you need to discover a life of integrity and wholeness, free from porn.

Your sexual behaviour should be in YOUR control, not Pornhub’s.

“I can now say with confidence that I understand the exact path that I must take to recover from porn addiction in order to find lasting freedom. The transformation that has occurred over the past 3 months has been more significant than in the past 4 and a half years. I now have hope, and I’m actually enjoying life! Freedom is finally in reach.”

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