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“Porn is hijacking people’s lives, robbing futures, families and freedom. We educate on the damages of porn and journey people towards a life without it-a life of authentic connection & healthy relationships”

Ian Henderson, Founder & CEO

Established in 2013 in Manchester UK, by Ian Henderson, Naked Truth Project set out to open eyes & free lives from the damaging impact of pornography through awareness, education and recovery programmes.

You may have heard this analogy about the importance of prevention and restoration before. It goes something like this…

A man was fishing in the river when he noticed someone was drowning. He pulled them out and attempted to resuscitate them. Shortly afterwards, he noticed another person in the river and saved them too. He then noticed another, and another and another. Soon he was exhausted and realised he wouldn’t be able save all of the drowning people- there were too many. Somebody needed to go upstream, and find out why people were falling into the river in the first place.

We’re equally passionate about prevention and restoration, so we’re in both places: upstream, educating about the harms of porn and warning people of the dangers ahead, and downstream, pulling people out of the deep waters of addiction, betrayal trauma and much more.

Many of our team have their own stories and have seen first-hand the destruction that porn can cause in people’s lives. Now based in the UK, US, Europe and New Zealand, our team of communicators, educators and creatives work to inform and inspire conversation around the impacts of pornography whilst our team of professional counsellors and specialists provide practical support to porn users and partners.

To know what this looks like in practice, read a list of our programmes & activities here.

Our Staff Team members

Ian Henderson

Founder & CEO

Catherine Etherington

Director of Recovery

Adrian Peters

Director of Operations

Nathasha Rees

Schools Lead

Cindy Bajema

Head of Recovery

Hannah Lodge

Recovery Programme Coordinator

Tim Parks

Equipping & Engagement Lead


Project & Events Coordinator

Coaches & CounsellorsAssociatesTrustees

Amy Nagy, USA

Dr Fran Hopwood, UK

Julie Calhoun, UK

Lisa Taylor, NZ

Rebecca Maestas, USA

Bryan Bajema, USA

Vickie Schrock, USA

Jane Gibb, USA

Jacki Lash-Idler, USA

Dr Anthony Walker, USA

Stephanie Oliver, USA

Steph Lynn, USA

Bethany Macdonald, UK


Rob McLellan, Kendall, UK

Clare Mellis, Bristol UK

Katie Mitchell, Glasgow UK

Karen Campbell, Glasgow UK

Ian Atkinson, Newtonards, UK

Grant Robbins, Redhill, UK

David Grün, Berlin, Germany

Bob Cheel, Birmingham, UK

Rachel Retallick-Cheel, Birmingham, UK

Rob Newton, Ross-on-Wye, UK

Jennifer Fowler, Vancouver, WA, US

Mandy Marshall Taylor, Brighton, UK

Andre Adefope, Manchester, UK

Josie Larder, Derby, UK

Joseph Price, Orlando, FL, USA

Jon Winstanley, Monroe, GA, USA

Josh Lynch, Edenbridge, UK

Charles Dusse, Burntisland, UK

Jacki Elsom, Vancouver, WA, US

Ismael Gomez, Warrington, UK

Tim McAlister, Northern Ireland, UK

Carla Benjamin, Woking, UK

Duncan Charles Weaver, Cupar, UK

Owain Jenkins, Sidcup, UK

Ashley Andrew, Bridge of Weir, UK

Martin Houghton, Cambridgeshire, UK

Neia Glynn, Surbiton, UK

Michael Hollands, Leeds, UK

Barry Mason, Bewdley, UK

Ajay Raj, Milton, USA

Reuben Edwards, Christchurch NZ

Daisy Ridell, Bracknell, UK 

Josh Lane, UK 

Micheal MacLennan, UK

Alonso Pool, USA

Jon Hancock (Chair)

Jon is a Co-Founder and Director of Productions at Three Arrows Media.

Aydee Latty

Aydee leads a digital marketing and web design company.

Sam Ward

Sam is the UK, CEO of the Message Trust.

Rachel Leslie

Rachel is a chartered accountant.

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