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Our Faith & Programmes.

Naked Truth is part of a faith-based charity and seeks to help both churches and culture talk about and tackle the damaging impact of porn on individuals, families and society.

The majority of our programmes have no religious content and are purposefully aimed at and accessible to people of any or no faith. However, the project is rooted in and inspired by the Christian faith. What does this look like? As a team we are a fairly “broad church” and represent some of the differing views on the Christian spectrum with a breadth of denominations, theologies and practices. Yet we are unified in our belief that in the DNA of Christianity is hope, transformation and freedom. We are inspired by the life and example of Jesus who demonstrated unconditional love for all people and want our relationships, programmes and content to reflect those values.

We also provide content, resources, training and events created specifically for Christians and Churches seeking faith-based help for themselves and their congregation. So here is the breakdown of our programmes.

Programmes accessible to people of any or no faith:

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Ctrl-Alt-Del online course: A free on-demand video course for porn users wanting to quit. 

Click to Kick support groups: A 8-week recovery programme and support group accessed via zoom. Groups are available to men and women.

Whole Hearted Programme: Professionally facilitated groups, one-to-one counselling, topic groups and content for partners and spouses of porn users.

Whole Life Programme: The next step in support groups for former porn users. Professionally facilitated groups, one-to-one counselling and support for individuals and couples who want to rebuild life and relationships. 

NT Education: Our team of educators deliver non-religious lessons and presentations in hundreds of schools. Schools must specify if they wish to have Christian content included. 

PG workshops: Live and online workshops for parents to help them navigate the online world with their children. 

PG digital pack: An online resource with updated links, videos and resources for parents.

How Good is Porn: An ongoing collaboration with various creatives and performers to use the creative arts to raise awareness and start a conversation about the damaging impact of porn. 


Resources and Training aimed at Christians:

Naked Truth Church Membership: A Programme of resources and bespoke training for churches and their congregations. 

The P WORD conference: With contributions from world-class experts, this bi-annual conference equips church leaders to have a practical and pastoral response to pornography.  

The P WORD Podcast: content for Christians & churches wanting to talk about and tackle the issue of porn.

Naked Truth Resources: a collection of books published by Naked Truth including Confronting Porn by Dr Paula Hall, Applying the Handbrake by Ben Dyer, Dangerous Honesty by Karin Cooke.

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