So is this a Christian Project? How religious are you?

Naked Truth is part of a faith-based charity called Visible and seeks to help both churches and culture talk about and tackle the damaging impact of porn on individuals, families and society.

The majority of our programmes have no religious content and are intentionally accessible to people of any or no faith.

However, the project is rooted in and inspired by the Christian faith. As a team we are a fairly “broad church” and represent differing views on the Christian spectrum with a breadth of denominations, theologies and practices. However, we are unified in our belief that in the DNA of Christianity is hope, transformation and freedom. We are inspired by the life and example of Jesus who demonstrated unconditional love for all people and want our relationships, programmes and content to reflect those values.

We also provide content, resources, training and events created specifically for Christians and Churches seeking faith-based help for themselves and their congregation. For a breakdown of which programmes have Christian content click here.

Do you only employ or work with Christians?

As our beliefs underpin much of our work, it is necessary that those who hold certain specific roles and responsibilities share them. We will therefore recruit people with a personal commitment to the Christian faith to such posts.

However, because we actively promote inclusion, people of different faiths or none are warmly welcomed and valued, as we work together to fulfil our hopes to change minds and change lives and to serve all unconditionally. Our recovery and education programmes are open to all, regardless of their beliefs.

Do you address the issues of exploitation, sex traffiking, gender inequality and other injustices?

Our education & awareness work, particularly our high school lessons, will unpack the connection between exploitation, injustice and parts of the porn industry. We also collaborate with and advocate other agencies engaged in rescue, advocacy, legislation and awareness.

You can see a list of agencies and friends here

Do you work with sex offenders?

Naked Truth Recovery does not provide direct support or services to former or current offenders. However, if you are looking for support we can refer you to other organisations that can provide this specialist support.

Contact us here for more information.

What countries are you working in?

Currently, our team is based in the UK, USA, NZ and mainland Europe. Our speakers and communicators do travel so please contact us if you have an enquiry regarding an in-person event or conference. As an international project, we try to ensure that online groups and other events cover multiple time zones.

If you are a charity, why do you charge for some services?

We aim to make our programmes and resources as accessible and affordable as possible, so that our service users ‘pay what they can’.
Currently, 53% of our annual income comes from charitable donations we receive as a registered charity/non-profit. The generosity of our donors, team and volunteers enables us to offer all our services at partial or fully subsidized rates, however, the donations do not cover all our costs. Some donations are designated funds, which means the donor has specified how they want that funding to be used. For example- we have received grants to deliver a certain number of lessons free of charge to state schools in the UK but can not use that funding to subsidize school’s work in other areas.

We do not want finance to be a barrier to working with you so please do not hesitate to talk to us if finance is an issue. If you would like to make a regular or one-off donation to increase the support we can provide click here.

Do your programmes support members of the LBGTQ+ community?

Our recovery and education programmes are inclusive to all. We do not discriminate based on sex, race, class, political views or sexual orientation. Most group work within our recovery programmes run separately as male groups and female groups due to the nature of the issues being addressed, but if you have any questions or concerns about this aspect of group work, please get in touch to discuss this with us.

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