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Heal your marriage

Discovering porn use (or other problematic sexual behaviour) in your relationship can feel devastating, causing broken trust, conflict and heartache. You may find that you need safer, more specialised support to navigate the unique impacts of addiction and betrayal than you’re able to find in standard couples therapy. 

Whatever stage of your journey you’re in, our highly trained practitioners will equip you with safe and healthy relational skills to help you communicate with each other, manage conflict, rebuild trust and heal your relationship.

Where do the sessions take place?

These sessions, like most of our recovery work, run online using zoom. That means they’re easily accessible!

What’s the cost?

Your initial 80-minute session with one of our trained practitioners is £80.

The length of ongoing sessions will be determined during your intake with agreement between you and your practitioner. Session length options are 50, 80, and 110 min.

Who is this for?

These sessions are specifically for couples where porn use (and/or other problematic sexual behaviours) have resulted in a loss of trust, conflict and heartache.

What are the qualifications of your team and working methods?

Our practitioners work from an integrative approach to couples’ work, drawing on multiple theories and modalities that make them well equipped to work with couples at all stages of their relational recovery journey.

For couples in the early stages of discovery and recovery, we have practitioners trained in the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model (ERCEM) created by Carol Juergensen Sheets. This approach recognizes that early couples work can be crucial in establishing the safety and stability that couples need to move forward in their recovery journey together. It utilizes specific steps and guided work that develop safe, healthy relational skills needed to heal relationships devastated by addiction.

Many of our practitioners have also trained under Dr. Jake Porter in his Couple-Centered Recovery® approach. This combines elements of Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) to create a specific model for working with couples’ attachment wounds relating to the trauma of betrayal.

Finally, the core approach used by our practitioners is The Gottman Method, founded on huge amounts of research conducted by The Gottman Institute. The goals of The Gottman Method are to disarm conflicts in verbal communication, to increase intimacy and respect, and to remove barriers that limit access to intimacy and understanding within the relationship. Many of our practitioners have added to their understanding of the Gottman Method by taking additional trainings on trauma and betrayal as well as addiction and couples work with The Gottman Institute and other respected experts in relational recovery.

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