A free, on-demand video course designed to help you reboot your life & ‘force quit’ your porn use

“I’ll be honest I came to this course with mixed expectations, but I’m left impressed… I’ve needed this course for years and can’t thank you enough for it.”

  • MODULE 1 – The Hustle: How is Porn robbing your health, relationships and values?
  • MODULE 2 – Know Yourself: ‘Figure your triggers’ & how to respond to them.
  • MODULE 3 – Know who’s got your back: Shutting down shame and the best ways to find support from others.
  • MODULE 4 – Start Small, Start Now: A Practical breakdown of tools & tips that can bring freedom.
  • MODULE 5Keeping Faith: Optional Christian insights & advice. 

Presented by Ian Henderson, founder of the Naked Truth Project, drawing from leading experts in porn addiction and interviews with women & men who have struggled themselves and found freedom.


It’s free – what’s the catch?!

Naked Truth is part of a non-profit/charity. This means we are able to make many of our programmes and resources free or heavily subsidised due to funding from generous supporters. It’s our aim to make expert recovery resources accessible and affordable to everyone.  

Is this suitable for all genders?

The short answer is yes. 95% of the content is relevant for everyone. (The 5% is a short section on porn-induced erectile dysfunction!)

How do I access the course?

The course is an on-demand video course. This course can be watched at any time, anywhere you have internet access. There’s even an app for your phone so you can listen to the audio in the car or watch a module while you’re on the treadmill at the gym!  

Is this a religious course?

Naked Truth is part of a Christian organisation, however, we intentionally create resources that are accessible for people of any or no faith. This course includes an optional faith module at the end for Christians or anyone wanting to explore a faith perspective on their struggle with porn. The rest of the content provides tools, hope & help for ANYONE who is intentionally pursuing freedom from problematic porn use.

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