Support for Partners and Spouses

WholeHearted exists to embrace partners of porn addicts into a community that understand the pain and trauma of sexual betrayal. Through expert counselling and peer support, you’ll be given the tools to move towards healing and wholeness in a safe, loving community.

You’re not alone

Professional support & community for partners of porn addicts

Find supportive community

When you make the brave decision to join our WholeHearted community, you’ll be welcomed into a support group. Here, you’ll find peers to build community with through online gatherings, guided and supported by a professional trauma-informed practitioner. These professionally-facilitated groups allow an opportunity to process whatever you’re going through, ask questions, share experiences and find support.

“WholeHearted has quite literally thrown me a lifeline. I found a group of women who had been there, and who had survived. The one thing that stood out is that we very quickly came to love each other fiercely.”

WholeHearted offers you professional guidance and supportive community

  • Trauma informed practitioners to guide and support you 
  • Support groups to journey towards healing with
  • Free or discounted access to resources to support your healing journey

Join the WholeHearted Community

Basic Plan

£40 / month

  • Exclusive access to ALL weekly professionally facilitated support groups.
  • 50% discount on all webinars
  • 30% discount on all topic/workbook courses

All-Access Plan

£60 / month

  • Exclusive access to ALL weekly professionally facilitated support groups.
  • Free access to all Wholehearted products & courses
  • Free access to all webinars & topic groups


What days & times do groups run?

We have numerous groups running in different time zones and days of the week. To see an up to date list in your timezone click the following links. If you are viewing with a phone click here and if you are using a desktop use this link.

Where can I find upcoming webinars & topic groups and do I have to be a subscriber to access these?

You don’t have to be a subscriber to access topic groups and webinars. To see information and how to book a place click here.

What can I expect from a “group session”

Taking a first step into something new, can feel scary and daunting. To help to allay some of your anxieties, here’s a rundown of what to expect in a Whole Hearted support group. All Whole Hearted support groups will follow the same structure.

Check In: provides an opportunity to answer a few questions about how you are feeling, what progress you are making and what you need from the group during that session.

Session or Sharing time: A more free flow part of the session where you will be invited to share whatever is most pressing and relevant for you on that day. You will be invited to ask for feedback and support from your peers and our professional group leader.

Check out: An opportunity to cement the value of your group experience by sharing from a number of options related to what you have taken from the group or what you wish to action going forward.

In group sessions, our professional team will:

  • Listen without judgement, seeking to understand and support you.
  • Validate your pain, anger, grief and betrayal as a response to trauma.
  • Motivate, inspire, reassure and encourage you in whatever ways you need.
  • Help you to envision what you want your life and relationships to be.
  • Share resources and exercises to help you move forward and maintain focus.
  • Ask questions to help to open your mind to new ways of thinking, being and doing.
  • Help you to begin to heal YOU! – Whatever your spouse or partner chooses to do about their issues.
Who can benefit from support groups?

Anyone can benefit from group sessions but our most successful members have several things in common. They include:

  • Being willing to ask questions and challenge their current perceptions and thought processes.
  • Being brave enough to look at the pain, learn from it and take action.
  • Having a vision, however clouded or out of reach it may seem, for a better life and better relationships.
  • Having a true desire for change, whatever that looks like for them.

If you have SOME of the above, we can work together on the rest.

What we will work on in groups?

We will always discuss and work on what is most important to you and other group members; what you need most. Some typical things that might be discussed include:

Self Care – Healthy boundaries and consequences – Grief – Anger – Fear – Disclosure – Gaslighting – Intimacy Anorexia – Stay or Go? – Forgiveness – Healthy sexuality….plus many more

Please don’t be put off if any of these terms are new to you or do not apply – YOU will always set the agenda for your healing!

Who do I contact if I have a question

We are always happy to hear from you with questions. Please email with any questions. By submitting this message, I am giving you permission to contact me in relation to this message, and hold my data in order to do so. You can only use the data I provide to communicate with me for this reason, unless I have indicated otherwise before, or do so in the future.(Read our full data policy here).

What is the minimum length for a subscription?

Subscriptions run on a month by month basis. If you are enrolled in a programme that runs beyond your subscription renew date, you must either renew your subscription or pay the full price for the group. See T&Cs for more detail on subscriptions.

How will you protect my anonymity?

Our confidentiality policy is outlined in our T&C’s but, just so you know, our webinars offer complete anonymity. You are not visible to other attendees in any way. Our coaching support groups, workbook groups and topic groups all offer groups calls using video so you will be visible to other members. Every member of every group will have agreed to our confidentiality policy.

What is a webinar?

Our webinars are online presentations. They provide education on specific topics and allow us to reach people from different places and times in an accessible way. If you join a webinar, you will watch the presentation from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to do that) and you will not be visible to other attendees. You will see a live video of the presenter talking (or any images, files, diagrams they display) and also questions or comments being posted by other attendees. We have chosen a really simple webinar platform which allows you to join our webinar at the click of a button. You don’t need to download any extra software. You don’t need a webcam. You just click on a webpage.


You may choose to work individually with one of our professionals in place of group support or alongside it, whatever you need. Our professionals come with a wide range of training and expertise so please check out their profiles and choose the person most suitable for your needs.

Not ready to subscribe yet?

Whilst we’d strongly encourage you to join the WholeHearted community to benefit from the full relational and professional support options available, we understand that this can be a daunting journey, and there can be many practical, emotional or financial barriers to accessing a full programme. You can find some support options and resources that are available without a subscription below:

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