Make a difference: Change Minds & Change Lives

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they are falling in.”  – Desmond Tutu 
Manifesto 1 Min Scaled
Manifesto 1 min scaled

Naked Truth is one of the few charities in the world tackling the damaging impact of pornography both upstream and downstream. Our work focuses equally on addiction recovery (pulling people out of the river) and prevention education (helping people not fall in).

We call this changing minds and changing lives. 

Donating online today means we can put your gift straight to work. 


Changing minds

A school pupil who thinks porn is a manual for sex and relationships, an overwhelmed parent who doesn’t think they could ever discuss porn with their teenager, a pastor who thinks porn is too taboo to talk about at church, a young adult who thinks porn is a harmless part of society... 

Your gift can help us change their minds. To open eyes. To educate and inform. Our work raises awareness of the harms of porn through creative campaigns, media interviews and training that reaches countless people. Each year, our team are educating tens of thousands of teenagers, parents and individuals through our schools lessons and workshops. Your gift will enable this vital “upstream” work.

Changing Lives

A individual with decades of porn addiction and little or no hope of change, a spouse who has discovered years of hidden porn use and feels betrayed, traumatized and isolated, a couple seeking to rebuild their relationship and learn to fight porn not each other

Our recovery programmes are unlocking freedom, and bringing help and hope to hundreds of individuals. We aim to make professional and specialist support accessible and affordable to anyone that needs it. Your gift will enable us to offer free and subsidised programmes and groups to everyone that needs it, maintaining the essential work we do “downstream”

£15 a month

Helps us partner with artists & activists to raise global awareness of the damaging impacts of pornography

£25 a month

Enables our team to offer a free day of sessions to a local school, helping us bring vital education to more pupils.

£35 a month

Enables us to create free & subsidised resources, helping individuals to find life-changing support & recovery.   

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