Click to Kick Onboarding

What you need to get started

Below, you will find some tasks to complete and links to several documents to read before your first session.

Preparation for the first session: Please allow time to work through this and watch the linked videos.

1) Write a script (roughly 5 minutes in length) on who you are as a person, not just the addiction, why you’ve joined the group and also some of your hopes and fears for the programme. 

2) Watch the Video Clip from Ian Henderson entitled “Appetite” (7 minutes) and note anything of interest: (

3) Watch the TEDx talk – ‘The Great Porn Experiment’ – Gary Wilson (17 minutes) and note anything of interest or that you’re not sure about. : (

4) Consider a donation. As a charity, we want to make this course as affordable as possible for all participants and do not want money to be a barrier for participants. However, we have seen on many occasions before that when individuals invest their finances, as well as their time, they are more committed to their recovery, more motivated, and more likely to succeed in long-term recovery! We believe that if this type of support was totally free, then commitment would be detrimentally affected. We, therefore, ask all participants to consider making a donation to support our charity work and invest in their own recovery.

You can do this in two ways: 1. Make a one-off suggested donation of £80 (£10 per session) 2. Make a monthly suggested donation of £10 per month.

We do understand that not everyone will be able to afford this suggested donation amount and so if there are any issues or you find that you cannot give financially, please only give what you can.


‘Click to Kick Working Agreement’ gives you more information about the course and requires that you sign and email the document to your group facilitator before your first session. You cannot join the course without having agreed to this document. You will receive an email before the start of the group from your facilitator with more details.

‘Accountability Software’ is an overview and comparison of different blocking and accountability software options available. We recommend that you make use of these programmes as an important support to your sobriety and recovery journey.

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