Helping Churches Talk About & Tackle the issue of P0rnography

For several years Naked Truth Project have been delivering awareness and training for churches primarily through a day conference we call the “PWORD CONFERENCE”. This event has been hosted in London, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Nottingham, Cumbria and Durham and in 2021 was streamed live with over 30 international and world leading experts contributing.

We are excited to launch a new podcast for church leaders called the PWORD PODCAST. Join Ian Henderson and Cat Etherington as they discuss and unpack topics vital for churches to consider and play curated extracts from some the PWORD conference talks and sessions.

Available on spotify or listen here.

In the first episode in the series, Ian and Cat play extracts from leading experts Dan Drake, Dr Jake Porter and Dr Paula Hall and explore how the church’s response to porn use and addiction can be shaped by both theological and scientific thinking

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