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For around a decade, Naked Truth has been providing awareness, education and recovery programmes and is one of the few charities in the world that are tackling the issue of pornography both upstream and downstream. (Read more about this upstream/downstream strategy here.)

This year we are celebrating 9 years of operating as a charity. We will be celebrating in style our 10th anniversary in 2024, but are excited and grateful that we continue to grow in reach and impact year after year.

This year we have taken further steps to ensure the charity’s sustainability and leadership structure and established a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) which consists of the CEO, Director of Operations and Director of Recovery. The team of staff, contracted professionals and volunteers also continue to grow internationally, and this was the first year where the whole team of over 60 paid staff, contractors and volunteers worked 100% remotely.

We continued to see our education work in schools and communities grow in reach and once again our recovery programmes have been accessed by thousands of individuals who report significant life change, hope and healing.

Our financial year runs from Septemer – August and so we set our annual goals alongside that financial year. We use a structure for goals called OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). Throughout the year we track these goals, measuring our impact through various quantitive outputs, e.g. the number of hours we have worked with clients or the number of pupils we have worked with in schools. We also measured some of the more qualitative outcomes, in other words, the change we want our programmes to make. We did this by gathering feedback from clients and beneficiaries before and after sessions, workshops and groups.  

These methods have been useful, but we acknowledge that measuring social impact, and tracking how our work is changing minds and changing lives isn’t always straightforward. We want to keep improving, so as a team, we are continue to explore more processes to identify our intended impact and adopt some new frameworks to assess and measure that change.  

Our Impact this year.


pupils IN 45 schools




PARENTS received training




individual or couples counselling sessions


recovery group sessions

Changing Minds Through Education

Since 2013 Naked Truth has been delivering lessons in UK high schools. Our staff and associates deliver engaging and educational lessons unpacking the harmful impact of pornography on mental health, relationships and society.

After completing our workshops, from a sample of over 1700 students:


said they understood the harmful impacts of pornography


said they understood the impact on their mental health





One way we measure our impact is to collect feedback from pupils and teachers, below highlights some feedback received this year:

– Student Feedback
Nick Sutton, Acting Head of Sixth Form, St Bede’s Catholic College

“The lessons at all our academies totally engaged the students due to a mixture of presentation styles, activities and video clips, and balancing a sensitive topic with humour and hard facts. The personal stories were helpful in breaking the gender stereotype that “porn only affects guys” and students rated this lesson highly on their feedback forms. I would highly recommend NT Project to help this online generation think about their attitudes and values, navigate relationships and make healthy choices”

– Ethos Support Consultant, Grace Academies

Changing Lives Through Recovery

During this year we continued to support hundreds of clients through our various recovery programmes.

I want to say thank you so much for the support I’ve received during the Click-to-Kick course. It’s been transformational for me. I only wish I’d known about NT years ago.”

Click to Kick Group Member

Ctrl-Alt-Del and Click to Kick have offered vital first steps for users with programmes that are both accessible and affordable. They programmes are free (or donate what you can).

Click to Kick groups are used professionally develop materials and tools but are facilitated by an international team of volunteers. Many of whom have journeyed through recovery and are now trained and supported to lead groups.

We also launched this year ‘pro click to kick’ groups which are facilitated by certified professionals.

After years of trying independently to kick my porn habit into touch, in the Click to Kick programme I encountered the amazing power of a support group. Taking part has been game changing for me and I would recommend it to anyone struggling to achieve a porn-free life.

Click to Kick Group Member

Our WholeLife programme continued to provide professionally facilitated support groups for users and one-to-one counselling sessions. Our support for spouse and partners called the WholeHearted Programme, ran support groups facilitated by our trained counsellors and coaches, and also provided individual counselling sessions. In addition, we provided counselling sessions to couples.

We also achieved one of our international goals and ran 6 residential intensive programmes in the UK, US & NZ & Australia. 

Residential Participant

“The Story of Us intensive was a complete game changer in our healing and recovery. For me, the grief work that Cat has pioneered has been the missing component in my healing. I could identify, describe, and feel my losses, but I had no way to process and release them from my body. I had a lump in my throat for 6 months that would not go away, but through Cat’s grief work, that sensation is now gone and I have room to feel and experience growth. From a relationship standpoint, my partner and I left the retreat with an incredibly deep understanding of where our relationship is today, and a shared vision of what we hope for the future. It was a powerful experience for both of us

Residential Participant

During this period we continued to provide training and resources

  • We trained over 100 teachers at CPD events
  • We created free online training modules for small group leaders & youth workers.
  • 350 parents attended training workshops
  • We continued to train associates to deliver our programmes in schools with 12 active school associates across the UK
  • We launched a Podcast for leaders in churches called the PWORD podcast and we reached a milestone of 45,000 subscribed to our online bible plans.

Finances Sept 2022-Aug 23

We are grateful to all the individuals who have generously supported our work over this year. We are also grateful to the following Trusts and Foundations for grants during the period: The Lancaster Foundation, Sir Halley Stewart Trust, The Message Trust.

Screenshot 2024 06 19 At 17.24.46

Cash balances were £137,000 at 31 August 2023

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