‘Center To End All Sexual Exploitation’ exist to shine light on what sexual exploitation is, where it occurs and how it contravenes our human rights, campaigning for new and better laws, advocating for policy change and holding the global sex industry to account. 

expose the harm

Expose the Harm is a space for individuals to tell their stories, safely and anonymously, of how pornography has harmed them in some way.

exodus cry

An international anti-trafficking organisation uprooting the underlying causes in culture that allow the industry of sexual exploitation to thrive and helping those who have been sexually exploited.

Why I stopped watching porn | Ran Gavrieli | TEDxJaffa

Ran Gavrili shares why he decided to cut porn out of his life. He now writes and lectures about emotional and physical safe sex; porn and porn-influenced cultural damages; gender and power relations; and sex and intimacy.

high speed internet porn and the experiment generation

A short documentary covering the range of negative impacts porn is having on young people, the harmful behaviours it teaches and the dangerous impacts on relationships and mental health.

Millions of Children Are Watching Porn

This is destroying millions of children every year. Children today are two clicks away from the most graphic and degrading sex acts imaginable, and Big Porn and Big Tech are responsible.


As porn culture has become absorbed into pop culture, a new wave of entrepreneurs are creating porn that is even more hard-core, violent, sexist, and racist. Proving that porn desensitizes and actually limits our sexual freedom, Dines argues its omnipresence is a public health concern we can no longer ignore.

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