Explaining our “pay what’s fair” fee policy

As a charitable, non-profit organisation with an international client base, we face some challenges when considering our fee structure for counselling and coaching with our recovery team.

With such a diverse international client base, deciding on a fee for our services that lines up with local norms is a challenge. So, instead of charging a single flat rate for our services, we have adopted a Pay What’s Fair Fee Policy that invites you to consider what an appropriate fee might be in your local area and take into account your own personal financial circumstances. 

We have always felt strongly that part of our mission is to break down the barriers that prevent people from accessing quality, well-trained and educated support when healing from unwanted problematic sexual behaviours and sexual betrayal. To this end, historically, we have kept our fees very low, intentionally to be
able to do this. 

We will never compromise on the quality of the support we offer. We will only provide you with well-trained, competent practitioners you can trust, practitioners who have done the hard work and training to equip themselves well to support you. In order to be able to attract these types of practitioners, we need to be able to offer them a rate of pay that accounts for the personal expenses of maintaining such a high standard of care; training, supervision, case consultation, certification etc. 

Our Pay What’s Fair Fee Policy aims to balance the needs of our clients against the value of our practitioners, without compromising the quality of our support.  

All profits help others

Because we are a non-profit/charity, any profits from the work of Naked Truth Recovery are directed back into the charity and support both Naked Truth Recovery itself and the wider work of the ministry.
This means we can:

  • Keep our group options and other resources either free or very low cost.
  • We can subsidise and support individuals to access support and education where funds are unavailable.
  • We can continue to educate school children, parents, churches, and communities about the issue of pornography and campaign for change in our culture around this issue.

During your initial consultation session with one of our Naked Truth Recovery Practitioners, you will discuss and agree on the appropriate fee (tier level) for your session. The amount you agree will be different to other people accessing similar support as each agreement is made based on the circumstances of each individual client. Once a fee has been decided, you will each sign an agreement that stipulates the fee and an agreed review period when this conversation will be revisited and a new agreement set as needed.

Further information

Please take a moment to watch a more detailed explanation from the Director of Recovery, Cat Etherington and download the information sheet below:

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