Our Recovery Team

Meet the Recovery Team




Cat is our Director of Recovery. She’s a certified professional life coach and integrative counselling practitioner, working with individuals and couples impacted by problematic sexual behaviour and betrayal. The first ever European practitioner to be certified by the Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS)




Cindy is our Head of Recovery. She’s a a certified APSATS Partner Coach (ICF/ACC, CPC), Certified Empathy Specialist (CES), and a certified Trauma Informed Coach (TIC) who integrates multiple integrative and somatic disciplines in her work with individuals and couples. Specialized training with Carol Juergensen-Sheets (ERCEM), Dr. Jake Porter (CRC®) and the Gottman Method inform her work with couples. She brings valuable life experience of families with addiction, along with a deep heart of compassion to her work.



Fran is a Certified Professional Coach, Brave Hearts Mentor and Certified Partner Coach with APSATS. With a long history in the education sector, Fran made the switch to personal coaching after walking her own healing journey for several years. Fran has taken additional trainings with A Door of Hope and knows, first-hand, the challenges of healing after betrayal, offering both personal and professional insight for overcoming them.



Amy is a Certified Professional Life Coach with specialized training through APSATS. She supports people struggling with traumas including abuse, betrayal, chronic illness, and lack of energy and wellbeing. She approaches her coaching from a holistic viewpoint, and provides support, guidance, and encouragement to help you examine the areas of your life that are out of balance, get to the root of what is holding you back, move you forward on your journey towards recovery and wellness.



Julie is certified professional coach and an APSATS trained and certified partner coach. She is also trained as a peer facilitator through A Door of Hope and in Couple Centered Recovery Coaching. A partner herself, who benefitted from the support of coaching in her own healing process, she committed to give back to the community that was essential in her own journey of recovery and growth. Julie’s marriage of 37 years continues to experience healing as a result of commitment, hard work, and God’s grace. It is her honor and privilege to walk beside others, giving guidance, encouragement and hope.


Jacki LASH-Idler

Jacki is an ICF Certified Coach (ACC), Peer Facilitator (C-SASI), an APSATS trained partner coach (CPC-c). She also has advanced training in problematic sexual behavior (SASH – ATPSB Levels 1 & 2), Internal Family Systems, resilience, self-care, relational recovery, sex and love addiction and intimacy anorexia. A lifetime of work focused on empowering others along with her personal experiences has instilled Jacki with a fierce desire to partner with men and women moving forward through addiction and trauma.


Rebecca Maestas

Rebecca is a licensed mental health clinician in the state of New Mexico, USA, a certified APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS), and a Life Coach trained by the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI). Rebecca works with individuals as well as couples. She has a family history of Drug and Alcohol addiction as well as walking through the journey of Partner Betrayal. Rebecca brings a diverse firsthand perspective as well as a passion for helping individuals and couples heal to her work.



Carin is a certified APSATS-CCPS, Certified, Partner Trauma Mentor, Brainspotting Practitioner, Gottman trained (Couples Therapy) and uses the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model – ERCEM in couples counselling. Carin combines neuroscience with spirituality and uses a neurotheology model with a focus on attachment repair, trauma recovery, relational brain skills, emotional/spiritual maturity, spiritual interventions, development of the 19 Brain Skills.



Lisa Taylor is a New Zealand-based counsellor specialising in sex addiction & partner trauma. She has studied with field leaders Barbara Steffens (APSATS), Paula Hall (ISAT), Donna Dixon (A Door Of Hope) and Christian Sex Addiction Specialists (C-SASI). Drawing on her own experience as the wife of a sex addict, Lisa has also authored several books on partner trauma and SA including the award-winning Beyond Betrayal.



Bryan is a Certified Life Coach and Mentor. He is also an APSATS trainee which allows him to bring a partner-sensitive approach to his coaching. Bryan works with men, focusing on strengthening recovery and relationship skills. Bryan is passionate about walking along-side with men who wish to have the best life they can while developing and strengthening their relationships.



Chris is a certified professional coach and trainee counsellor based in the UK. He has trained directly with Dr Omar Minwalla in the deceptive sexuality and trauma model (DST) and has also completed the multidimensional partner trauma model course with APSATS. He works primarily with men recovering from sex addiction and/or problematic sexual behaviour but does so from a firmly partner sensitive and relationally focused perspective.



Bethany is a trained coach and heads up Naked Truth Project’s Click to Kick recovery programmes. Bethany has her own personal testimony of freedom from addiction to pornography and now walks alongside other women on their own journey of hope and healing. She has piloted and facilitated the Click to Kick groups for women over the past six years and brings unique insight into the specific area of female recovery. She is available for individual sessions with women who are seeking recovery.



Vickie is a CPLC and ELI-MP (iPEC), ACC (ICF), Certified ADOH Group Facilitator and Certified in Mental Health First Aid USA. She is trained by Carol Juergensen Sheets in the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model and is a CPC-C. Her own path of healing taught her that trauma informed coaching has the power to transform the devastation of betrayal, to move partners from surviving to thriving. In working with betrayed partners she brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and experience. Vickie is based in the US. 

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