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An 8 week online programme to help you regain control. In the shame-free, confidential setting of our online Click to Kick community, you’ll be led through our expertly developed course by a trained facilitator. As you journey through recovery in a small, safe support group, you’ll find the practical tools and support that you need to discover a life of integrity and wholeness, free from porn.


An on demand video course designed to help you begin a journey towards freedom from porn


Understanding and Treating Sex and Pornography Addiction demonstrates why people’s lives are being destroyed by compulsive sexual behaviour and what we can do to help them. The book examines the latest research into these conditions and outlines the new integrative C.H.O.I.C.E. Recovery Model, a practical, sex-positive model which incorporates CBT, ACT and psychodynamic theories to help people enjoy lifetime recovery. Written in a clear and informative manner, this book contains support and advice for both the clinician and for those who suffer from sex addiction, and provides tools for securing confident and rewarding recovery.


In Your Brain on Porn Gary Wilson draws on both first-person accounts and research findings. In a voice that is generous and humane, he offers advice for those who want to stop using internet pornography. The publication of Your Brain on Porn is a landmark in our attempts to understand, and remain balanced in, a world where addiction is big business.


A respected therapist and addictions specialist shares the powerful story of her own recovery from sexual addiction. In this intensely personal account, Staci Sprout traces her journey from the painful world of sexual intrigue and addiction into a life of healing and purpose. Childhood sexual abuse and exposure to pornography had ignited a drive to be sexual that eventually threatened to unravel her sanity and her life. Nothing helped until a near-death experience became a turning point and she found her way into the rooms of 12-Step recovery for sex addiction. Naked in Public is a gripping account of a woman who refuses to give up in her fight for dignity and freedom. The wisdom that emerges will be both a roadmap and an inspiration to anyone, male or female, who struggles with sexual addiction — and to their loved ones.


Confronting Porn is a biblical and practical approach to the issue of porn, offering hope and support for individuals struggling with porn and those who want to co help them. In a new landscape where porn has never been more accessible, anonymous or potentially addictive, this book is a timely response for Christians seeking principles and proven steps towards freedom.


Quit porn and stay free. Covenant Eyes device-wide accountability helps you harness the power of relationships to stop watching porn and protect the ones you love


The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is the only UK-wide charity dedicated solely to preventing child sexual abuse. They provide information and support for people troubled by their sexual thoughts about children and young people through their helpline ‘Stop it now!’ and offer guidance about how to manage problematic behaviour through their website and other services


In this episode of ‘Naked Truth Conversations’ we chat with the wonderful Cat Etherington- our Head of Recovery- who shares some of her advice on how to begin building honest and accountable relationships.

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My first encounter of pornographic pictures was in a magazine at a friend’s house, when I was around…
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Rich’s Story

After doing the Click to Kick course, I have not seen porn for six months – the longest time since I…
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