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Exclusive resources, training and support to help you talk about and tackle the issue of pornography in your church community

The pword conference

Hosted by Naked Truth Project, The P Word Conference exists to break the silence around the issue of porn in the church.

The pword PODCAST

Hosted by NT’s Ian Henderson and Cat Etherington, The P Word podcast includes extracts from P Word conferences to resource and educate churches.

confronting porn

Confronting Porn is a biblical and practical approach to the issue of porn, offering hope and support for individuals struggling with porn and those who want to help them. In a new landscape where porn has never been more accessible, anonymous or potentially addictive, this book is a timely response for Christians seeking principles and proven steps towards freedom.

the sex thing

In The Sex Thing, Rachel Gardner unpacks a visual framework that can inspire and empower conversations with young people about sex. Focusing on both how young people explore sexual wholeness and what conversations they would need to engage with in that journey of sexual maturity, she offers practical advice for navigating difficult conversations with youth and talking to them confidently and openly.

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